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    If you fall behind, and need to catch up on your reading, remember this: The threads with punctuation are critical to the tournament storyline, and should be read. This convenient thread shall maintain an updated list of those threads.

    Hegh leng - In the Beginning
    * In the beginning and the end

    Day Zero - Early Arrivals
    * A practical joke...a human, a catain and a klingon walk into a conference room

    Day One - Bright and Early
    * The Oncoming Storm
    # Doing the Laundry

    Day One - Commencement Ceremony
    * The Tournament Begins!

    Day Two - Bright and Early
    * Stormy Arrival

    Day Two - Lunch
    * Abandon Hope All Ye That Enter Here
    * The Show Must Go On!

    Day Three - Exhibition Match
    * Best Served Cold

    Day Three - Dinner
    # Taking Out The Trash

    Day Four - Bright and Early
    * It Was Coming II
    * Get Outta Dodge!

    Day Four - Wrapping Up
    * A Brilliant Light
    * The Waning Tides
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