I hope this meets the general approval of the public. If not, send me a PM with any issues you have, we'll see about changing it. Want to make sure everyone feels their posts are being respected. Tomorrow I will put this in important places within the betleH System and vBulletin itself.

Intellectual Property Policy

A. The betleH Tournament in character content i.e. posts are deemed as the property of the writers who were either the writers or the co-writers of the posts in question.
1. A tournament post is a matter of permanent archival, and will be placed in public display for as long as it is possible to maintain.
2. A tournament post may not be revoked by the owner, provided it's content is not unacceptably tampered with, or the ownership of the post is displayed as different than it is supposed to be.
B. The betleH Tournament concept is the property of the legitimate organization as a whole, and is not the property of any single person.