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    Alright, betleH 2 has now been copied over from the Yahoo! Groups list, to the on-board Tournament Archive! These are some quick notes regarding it.

    * Very simply, betleH 2 is a dump of the Yahoo! Groups list for Klach D'Kel Brakt from post index #697 to #1121. Including some backposts and such, there is some minor overlap in that regard, but I did not feel like being precise and separating them out. If/when the entire KDB mailing list is copied over, people will simply go to the betleH 2 board to read all the posts between #697 and #1121.

    * Some of the numbers appear to be missing! This is because Out of Character posts have been nixed. In fact, most of the OOC comments on the IC posts, have also been nixed. I tried to preserve any OOC comments that either helped delineate the timeline, or made me chuckle.

    * As the non-IC material has mostly been cut away from this version, many of the indications of who was involved in a JP, the big signature blocks and such, are all gone. In regards to the Intellectual Property Policy, we consider the owner(s) of a post to be all the players who made contributions to that post, whether explicitly stated or not. In most cases, it's rather simple, if someone's character was involved in a post, there'a a fairly decent chance they had some hand in it.

    * On that line, let me state clearly, the betleH 2 logs are the intellectual property of the writers who wrote them and that betleH 2 was a Bravo Fleet event.

    * Some spelling or formatting errors were too glaring to let pass. I admit I fixed a couple, but in the interests of time and sanity, I did not spell check them all, nor did I pretty them all up. It's kinda a messy log.

    * If a player who posted a betleH 2 log has an account on this forum, I tried to associate the posts. If not, it is listed as a guest with their character name, or some variation thereof. I tried to be consistent with these guest names, so that if one of these people registers down the line, I can reassociate their posts to them with a quick SQL query.

    * betleH 2 was done via Play-By-Email. For reference, the original copy is at Hopefully it will be around for a long time. This is in case it isn't.

    This has been one of my side projects for a little while, and I've gained a lot of respect for the former tourneys from reading through it. I hope you all enjoy it.
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